Our Services

“WE FOCUS ON OUR CUSTOMER!” – it goes without saying that we attach highest priority to this old principle between business partners at our company! Besides offering our customers decent consulting as well as developing and manufacturing of the product, we place emphasis on further services provided by our company.

Step 01 Consulting

We want our customers “to feel in good hands”. Our team carefully listens to their wishes, and we present ideas and suggestions during a conversation before the idea passes into the development phase.

In cooperation with our customers, we offer to elaborate new developments individually tailored to the requirements of the customer. To this end, we establish an AutoCAD drawing and give advice on the required materials.

Step 02 Die manufacturing

The dies are manufactured at our premises. We offer standard dies, co extrusion dies, and tri extrusion dies. All dies can optionally be equipped with an expansion thread.

Materials used:

  • PVC from 50° shore A to 95° shore A
  • TPE (SEBS) from 25° shore A to 90° shore A
  • EPDM/PP (TPV) from 45° shore A to 50° shore D

Step 03 Quality control of the profiles

We use a self-contained quality system in our company. In doing so, we place emphasis on a continuous inspection during each and every operational step.

Inspection intervals:

  • spool packaging approx. 150 m–400 m, depending on spool and profile size
  • cardboard disc packaging approx. 200 m–300 m, depending on cardboard disc or profile size

In addition, we keep retain samples in stock for a period of 12 months. By applying these procedures, a very good profile quality can be achieved.

Kusche KG: Quality control of the profiles 1
Kusche KG: Quality control of the profiles 2
Kusche KG: Quality control of the profiles 3
Kusche KG: Quality control of the profiles 4

Step 04 Production

Our production facility consists of eight extrusion plants with a screw diameter of 25 mm to 90 mm. With this equipment, we achieve a capacity of about 1,400 tons/year. We offer an extensive scope of colours for the products.

Step 05 Delivery

The flexibility of our company allows for short delivery times